VR technology presents a whole new medium of expression for artists and creatives. Whether it's filming VR movies in 3D and 360 degrees, or creating 3D sculptures in Google Tilt Brush, or using Unity make your own VR experiences - there's a lot of new opportunities. This would be taking a smaller group for a longer time and teaching them how to use these technologies. Ideal for a small group of MAT pupils.

Subject links: Art, Computer Science, Film and Media Studies

VR presents an opportunity to make our gamers more healthy, and use exciting game mechanics to encourage more exercise. Run with a class or a year group over several sessions, students can run tests to compare different exercise experiences in VR to see how they compare next to traditional exercises. Using games like 'Beat Saber' and 'The Lab' Longbow Game.

Subject links: Physical Education, ICT

Experience the true power of room-scale VR and walk on the bottom of the ocean. Come face to face with the largest animal known to have ever existed - a Blue Whale. This is a truly magical first VR experience that is accessible to all using the top-of-the-line VR system the Valve Index.

Subject links: Marine Biology, Environment, Literacy

Gone are the days-long games of Monopoly or that game of Ludo where you just can’t roll a 6: Modern Boardgaming is a very different place. We now have games of social deduction, co-operation, economics, strategy and much more. For young people this is a fantastic way to develop social skills, and put into practice their accumulated knowledge, logic and skills - all without a screen in sight. Bring this activity to your school with a Boardgames Day, or kick-start an After-School Club with a Games Library and Guru on hand to teach these new games. Or find out how the sausage is made, by taking a class in ‘Game Design 101’

Subject links: PSE, Humanities, SEN, MAT, Design & Technology, Art, Numeracy, Literacy

Gather your party, fight Dragons and delve Dungeons, take on baddies and save the day. Roleplaying is a way to do all these things but with little more than pen and paper, some dice, and some good players. Explore and create stories in your favorite universe, or discover and create your own. Learning to play or run these games is incredibly rewarding and with the popularity of Live-Play Roleplaying Games on YouTube, there are many young people who want to play but don’t know where to start. Start in your school by booking a RPG Starter Session for an after-school club. Or learn about the hobby in an Intro to RPGs Workshop.

Subject links:Drama, Art, Numeracy, Literacy, English, Media

As part of the Tabletop Renaissance, more people than ever are interested in the outstanding quality Tabletop Miniatures Games. Whether it’s Star Wars spaceships or Warhammer skeletons, there is probably a miniatures game for you. Most of the time on the hobby is spent reading about, building and painting your ‘army’. With a bit of hand-eye coordination, with the current painting systems it’s never been easier to get good results. Why not try a workshop to learn how to paint these sci-fi and fantasy miniatures to a ‘table-ready’ standard. Leave with the skills, paints and models to start your tabletop miniatures hobby.

Subject links: Art, Numeracy, Design & Technology