Trickster's Net - Roleplaying Game Exchange Design Project

Co-funded international creative digital exchange programme involving youth groups aged 15+ in Germany and Wales. It takes the form of an original tabletop roleplaying game experience that will evolve through the input and experiences of the players participating. It will comprise regular online virtual tabletop games and workshops with up to 32 young participants, including guest speakers from published game designers. It culminates in the online publication of a unique set of game materials that will be available in English, Welsh and German. Set in a fantasy world that draws on shared Celtic mythology as well as local landscapes, stories and traditions, it will be the young people who map and populate this world with cultures, creatures and magic.
Published on here!
Physical copies available in the UK at Rooks Press
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Partnering Organisations: Loco Ludus, Kempten Kulture, Wales Arts Interactive, Arts Active, Criw Celf

Check out our first podcast chronicling the project:

Dwellings and Dragons - St Fagan's National Museum of History

Part of the Winter of Wellbeing and Summer of Fun, this was a youth lead historical roleplaying project, where young people got to create and play different 'D&D style' adventures based around buildings in St Fagan’s collection.

Participants got to play in the actual buildings, and each got a credit on the final adventure designs, to be published bilingually online - Published on here!

Partnering Organisations: Amgueddfa Cymru, Federation of Museums and Art Galleries of Wales, Winter of Wellbeing, Welsh Government

ENGLISH J000188 - Dwellings and Dragons Bryn Eryr Iron Age Roundhouses (2).pdf

Inside – Outside: VR Project with Caerphilly Over 50

Taking the "outside - inside" into care homes across South Wales with the power of VR and 360 filming. Producing 360 video experiences from across Wales - from Falconry Shows to Elvis performances.

Partnering Organisations: Caerphilly Over 50, National Lottery Community Fund, Caerphilly County Borough Council

Ekeko - Virtual Memorial Space

Devised with the National Museum Wales Youth Forum, focused on a Congolese Spirit Doll, a series of workshops with experienced bereavement councillors was run. Young people had a process they could add their memories and photo-scanned 3D memorial objects to a collective virtual memorial space we created.

Starting as a purely VR experience, in light of the pandemic we produced an accessible 360 video version of the experience that can be viewed either in 3D in VR or on any regular video device. See it here.

Partnering Organisations: National Museum Wales, Cruse Bereavement Care Cymru

Mixed Media with Tilt Brush and Photogrammetry 

Over a series of workshops, we had young people using Tilt Brush in VR, creating clay models with our animators, photo-scanning them and importing them back into Tilt Brush. This enabled them to make mixed media works and animations, using stop motion, clay modelling and VR 3D sculpting.

With the pandemic forcing the project online we produced a series of video tutorials explaining the whole pipeline of scanning real world objects into Tilt Brush.

See examples of the Photogrammetry objects here on SketchFab 

Partnering Organisations: A2 Arts Active, Criw Celf, Lee Pool Gardens, Leo and Natasha Nicholson - Beanstalk Animation