About Us

PlayFrame has been operating as Education & Gaming Technologists since Sept 2018.

We believe that through intelligent use of gaming experiences - from quality tabletop board games, to the latest immersive virtual reality technology - we can change people lives. “Framing Play” for all kinds of good purposes.

This could be bringing a state of the art VR suite into a nursing home or a school. This could be expanding the imaginations of children through tabletop roleplaying game. This could be teaching adults to rediscover the benefits of play, rising to the intellectual and social challenge of modern analogue games.

5 Years ago I started working in a tough secondary school in the Welsh valleys. As a lifelong gamer myself, I found I was one of the few adults in the whole school who could actually ‘speak the kid's language’ when it came to games. This helped me in my work immensely, creating what we called ‘secret’ literacy; using digital and analogue games to encourage literacy skills, develop vocabulary and strengthen social skills. When I also discovered the power of VR as an enriching experience for almost anyone, I decided it was time to start my own business with these ideas.

In the next few years we hope:

  • To be running regular VR events at schools, nursing/residential homes, events and other third sector venues across South Wales.
  • To be running multiple regular tabletop events for different age groups and interests across South Wales.
  • To be a go-to expert on using ‘games for good’ across South Wales.

If you want to book a session, seek guidance or just want a chat and discuss these ideas, feel free to email me: tom@playframe.co.uk